Within the Other? Europe programme arch we will have the opportunity to listen to the promotion of experimental music through the performance of a newly-formed ensemble – 2K+ Ensemble. The concert, organised by the ‘Miloš Crnjanski’ Cultural Centre of Vojvodina, will take place at Svilara Cultural station on 22 November.

Audio scores are one of the achievements of contemporary art music, which improve performance possibilities. This method contains elements of composing and improvisation, and as it inevitably requires the use of electronics, it is classified as contemporary electro-acoustic music. The audio score itself implies a sound, instead of a written sound body, with which the ensemble performs the composition. The guest of the project will be the Austrian composer Elisabeth Schimana, who has been working on this type of composing and research for more than ten years. She divided audio scores into two methods: processing the sound source live for the duration of the composition and playing with sound memory. Elisabeth will hold a lecture about all this after the musical performance, and she will work with the members of the 2K+ Ensemble on the performance of the compositions. In addition to one version of her composition from the Virus cycle from 2018, she will also select other compositions of this genre.

Her song Virus 2.6 is composed for bassoon, two violins, cello and double bass, and will be performed by the 2K+ Ensemble consisting of Aleksa Marinković (bassoon), Mina Đekić (violin), Iva Majstorović (violin), Milica Svirac (cello) and Aleksander Gabryś (double bass). In addition to this piece, two more pieces from the field of audio scores will be performed, which will be selected later.

Admission is free of charge.

The event is accessible to people with physical disabilities.

Photo: A. Koch



22. Nov 2022.


Svilara Cultural Station
Đorđa Rajkovića 6b, Novi Sad


Cultural centre 'Miloš Crnjanski'