We All Came from Somewhere, Some a Little Earlier

You can see the We All Came from Somewhere, Some a Little Earlier play in Hall 1 of the Novi Sad Fair on 7 March at 8 p.m. The play, belonging to the Migrations programme arch, will bring us closer to the life of migrants and engage the audience to get involved.

Contrary to media sensationalism and stereotypes, the project We All Came from Somewhere, Some a Little Earlier wishes to boldly explore human feelings by giving citizens the opportunity to express their opinions on sensitive topics, as well as to include them in the creative process.

The idea is to examine and professionally process mass media texts on the topic of migration (with special emphasis on the current moment), to collect the opinions of citizens through social networks and highlight examples of positive changes that migrations have brought through history.

Theatre as a process: based on acting and sociological workshops, a minimum of eight citizens will be selected to participate in the play, which will include three professional actors, two musicians and an artistic team from the partner organization Policardia Teatro from Italy directed by Andrea Moretti.

The main objective of the play is not only to move the theatre out of the comfort of institutions, but to more realistically show how migrants have no roof over their heads in the winter months.

The scenography is designed as a refugee camp of several tents and accompanying signs of life that would create the atmosphere of a refugee camp. In order for the audience to see the multiple situations and human destinies of migrants as realistically as possible, the play consists of five omnibus parts in which the audience should recognize itself and which should influence it through connection, recognition and compassion. Young artists will break down the fourth wall with direct questions addressed to the public in public places.

Partner of the Migration of Souls programme is the Novi Sad Fair, and the companies Globos osiguranje and Dijamant DOO also provide support.



26. Mar 2022.


7:30 PM


Radnički Dom

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