Bigru and Paja Kratak / Flags of the Future

The rap duo Bigru and Paja Kratak will hold a concert within a three-day event Flags of the Future in the Creative District on 30 April, on Stage 2.

Bigru and Paja Kratak is a rap duo from Belgrade, from the Medaković neighbourhood. Duo was formed by Miloš Grubor (Bigru) and Pavle Janković (Paja Kratak) in 2013.  They first appeared in public in 2013 with the single ‘Tamanica’ and gained their first fans, thanks to a funny and original rap sound. Shortly afterwards, they released their first album ‘Nije Peka Indijanac’ (2015). The album is dedicated to their tragically killed friends, among whom is a member of their former rap group, Petar Djušić Peka, after whom the album is named. The duo soon became popular among fans of the original rap sound, and the first performances followed, thanks to the support of the group ‘Prti Bee Gee’. The second album entitled ‘Rep kaki volem’ was released in 2018. The album included some of their greatest hits ‘Hud ceo je gengsta’, ‘Stragl Evridejo’, ‘Brigidi Bauns’, ‘Ćabrala’, etc. The third album entitled ‘Šta ima braćo gde ste?!’ was released on 12 June 2020, on the birthday of their late member Peka.  According to numerous hip-hop critics, the album is one of the biggest bangers on the Serbian rap scene.


The ‘Flags of the Future’ programme is sponsored by IDEA, DDOR and A1 Serbia.



30. Apr 2022.


10:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Stage 2, District
Bulevar despota Stefana 5, Novi Sad


Foundation ‘Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture’