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Connecting Through Fashion / April 30

The fashion show of the winning entries of the National Fashion Chamber of Serbia ‘Connecting Through Fashion’ open call will be held in the SCC Fabrika on 29 and 30 April as part of the Future of Europe programme arch.

The National Fashion Chamber of Serbia is promoting young designers from Novi Sad, Serbia, and Europe through the project ‘Connecting Through Fashion’ with the aim of educating and motivating behaviour change and creating a positive impact of fashion on today’s society and the future of our planet.

The project includes open calls for the National Competition for students and young designers, the European Competition for students and young designers and the competition for the best creations inspired by the positive impact of fashion on environmental protection.

The educational part of the project provides young people with new knowledge and skills that contribute to the development of the cultural and creative sector and encourage a proactive approach of young people in solving social and environmental problems.

Schedule for Saturday, 30 April:

1 p.m. – Seminar / Workshop: ‘Young Lions in the Jungle’, on the topic of marketing and communication
How much has fashion marketing changed in the digital age? What does good fashion marketing mean today? Is it primarily a successful collaboration with influencers, direct marketing, a classic fashion campaign, or a cleverly designed and realised fashion event? Is it worth taking shortcuts, or is it still better to choose the ‘path of a thousand miles’? After all, where should the young designer lions who have just started to give the outlines of the brand to their fashion manuscript start from? These are just some of the dilemmas on which marketing and fashion experts will present their views.

6.30 p.m. – Exhibition of winning sketches

7 p.m. – Winners of the Ecolution competition
1. Emilija Zdravković
2. Veronika Petrova
3. Ana Matić
4. Timur Tursunkulov
5. Aleksandra Grubačević
6. Bojana Krivokapić
7. Jovana Vujošević
8. Jelena Zejak
9. Ana Raičević,
10. Antonija Đokić
11. Tijana Milošević & Božana Barjaktarović

Winners of the national competition:
1. Nenad Pavlović
2. Lena Antić
3. Aleksandar Latinović
4. Sofija Krsmanović
5. Martina Malobović
6. Maša Krstić
7. Jovana Pantić
8. Lena Matić
9. Stana Mladenović
10. Sanja Janković

9 p.m. – Judges’ decision: The best young talent of the National Fashion Talent Competition, who will win a fashion presentation at Serbia Fashion Week Novi Sad 2023. The best young talent of the Ecolution competition, who will win a fashion presentation at Mad Mood Milano Fashion Week.

Judges: Ms. Svetlana Horvat – President of Serbia Fashion Week & Defile a Paris, Mr. Donald Potard – former CEO of Jean-Paul Gaultier Haute Couture House, Mr. Rocco Leo Gaglioti – President of FNL and CEO of International Digital Fashion Week, Mr. Eymeric Francois – French haute couture designer, Ms. Marianna Miceli – President of Mad Mood Milan Fashion Week.

10 p.m. – SFW party

‘Flags of the Future’ programme is supported by IDEA, DDOR and A1 Srbija.

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30. Apr 2022.


1:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Булевар деспота Стефана 5, Нови Сад


National Fashion Chamber of Serbia