Duša ište pozorište - na sceni su deca oko 10 godina, u kostimima sa jedne strane drže karton sa natpisom, sa druge strane crno platno i maske na licu

Duša ište pozorište

The play ‘Duša ište pozorište’, created by children and the Youth Theatre actresses Živanka Majstorović and Neda Danilović, will be premiered in the Barka Cultural Station on 7 May.

The play results in a series of workshops where pre-school and school children will take part in mobile phone video and audio recordings, creative writing, directing and play performing for adolescents, painting and scenography workshops, singing and playing instruments workshops, shadow theatre workshops. All workshops will be held in the Cultural Station Barka from February to May.

In addition to the play, audiences will see photography exhibitions, created by the participants of the workshops, available in the Barka Cultural Station until 15 May.

The idea of the play is to promote ecological values by making theatre puppets from ecological material and to animate the children aged 5-10 to produce a puppet show together with the actresses.

Program schedule for May 7

11 a.m. Great Hall – Presentation of the puppet workshop, the play ‘Pinocchio’ by Carlo Kolodi, dramatised by children attending the puppet workshop

11.45 a.m. Community Center – Opening of the photo exhibition

12.15 p.m. Great Hall – Dance presentation

4.15 p.m. Great Hall – Performance of the Shadow Puppet Theatre, The Ant and the Grasshopper, adapted by Sara Zdravković.

5 p.m. Great Hall – Performance of the drama workshop for adolescents ‘Happy Planet’ by Živanka Majstorović and Sara Zdravković. Performed by the children’s drama section of the Association ‘Joy of Creation’

5.45 p.m. Great Hall – Projection of works through the lens of the phone ‘I will create a miracle’

6.30 p.m. Great Hall – Public reading of the works of the Creative Writing Workshop

The event is accessible to people with disabilities.

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07. May 2022.


11:00 AM - 8:00 PM


Barka Cultural Station
Čenejska 54, Нови Сад


Pozorištanci Music School

Other Organizers

Association Joy of Creation
Association Joy of Creation
Association Joy of Creation