Ecotopias / EcoPrint

Ecotopias is an ambient spatial installation designed as a tactile and sensory experience and an immersion in the Anthropocene. Set up as a specific immersive space, it encourages us to explore other views and ideas when it comes to climate change.

The installation will be set up at the Pavilion on Štrand, from 22 to 31 July, during The Danube Sea programme arch, as part of the ‘EcoPrint’ project.

The ambient installation brings together several different works (a house, a radio station, a catalogue, and a garden) that confront the observer with a complex network of cause-and-effect relationships. Ecotopia makes us aware of the consequences of our unsustainable habits, such as excessive shopping, unbalanced distribution of resources, overproduction and exploitation of nature, problematic communication relations, coexistence with other non-human beings and inanimate entities, and neglecting the applicable knowledge we inherited from our ancestors.

The installation aims to activate the viewers’ confrontation with adopted habits and thus encourage them to explore other ways of looking at the relationship between the natural environment, mass consumerism, and our contribution to existing problems as well as possible solutions.

The questions that the work is seeking to raise are: How aware are we of our part in climate change; on whom does the responsibility of not solving the problem lie, corporations or individuals; what are the recognised models of sustainability that can be applied; can we learn from the past and the knowledge we have inherited; can better communication with planet Earth, plants, animals foster a more sustainable and balanced life?

The central part of the ambient installation, around which other works are built, is a house that becomes a place of questioning the imbalance in the use of natural resources, opening spaces of old neglected knowledge. Around the house, there is a garden as an example of a conflicting situation of enjoyment and consumption in which one can browse through the catalogue of products through which we are confronted with the results of today’s way of life and the production of reality. The construction of this spatiality is complemented by a radio station that opens the space of sound architecture and communication between humans and the vibrancy of their everyday environment, which they often neglect.

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22. Jul 2022.


4:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Beach Štrand, Novi Sad
beach Štrand, Novi Sad


Center for the Promotion of Science

Other Organizers

Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrad
Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrad