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Gospel Music – An Expression of Hope: A Journey across Continents, through Culture and Time / Caravan

The concert of gospel music, implemented by the Association of Citizens M-Art, will be held within the Migrations programme arch at the Bukovac Cultural Station on 17 March, within the Caravan project.

Gospel music is the common denominator of movement, change, fostering diversity and permeation, with a belief in the power of the individual to advance himself and everything around him, as in the song Shine Your Light, a song by refugees from the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Gospel music is one of the strongest testimonies of forced migration and the struggle for freedom and rights of African Americans. The Merry Gospel Choir from Belgrade, conducted by Marija Kuburić Borović, prepared the concert ‘Gospel Music – An Expression of Hope: A Journey across Continents, through Culture and Time’, with the desire to bring the audience closer to the centuries-old development of gospel music and its influence on modern music, which is related to the development of the concept of freedoms and rights that is characteristic of the African-American population. The basic messages of this programme – expressing the aspirations of human beings through music and in the most difficult circumstances of forced and voluntary migration, repression, poverty, segregation, which do not cease to be relevant or are becoming more relevant today than a decade or two ago.

The project is part of the Migrations programme arch within which we can expect a gastronomic journey. From 17 until 20 March, we’ll visit different European regions in the hopes that food will provide an occasion to consider otherness and difference. Visit our cultural stations and feel the taste of the international spirit of togetherness.

In the evenings a programme featuring world music genre, which highlights the musical traditions of eastern, western, northern and southern Europe.

You can see the overall programme on the Caravan page.

The programme is supported by IDEA.

Photo: Vesna Lalić



17. Mar 2022.


7:30 PM


Bukovac Cultural Station
Карађорђева 76, Буковац


Association of Citizens M-Art