Hiccup Ambience

The ‘Hiccup Ambience’ exhibition will open in the Rumenka Cultural Station on 24 September and will last until 29 September, within the visual arts week of the Kaleidoscope of Culture.

The ‘Hiccup Ambience’ project includes work using multiple media, and each work has a corresponding variation when it comes to visual presentation. The works can be analysed through narration and form that determines the narrative, but also determines the work integrity.

By using a combination of transparent and rich, opaque forms, the ambient nature of works is emphasised, while the narrative part of the compositions gets an opportunity to be a part of the space determined by the form of the work and the entire ambience in which the work is exhibited. The figure, an essential element in all works, multiplies and creates compositions that rely on repetition as the basic principle of the composition. These lively games of full and empty, open and closed, transparent and opaque occupy space and invite the audience to participate. Each work is a different version of a hiding place for structural forms in which two approaches are expressed in their presentation. In the first, they accumulate and multiply, while in the second, they enjoy the order and accuracy of their appearance.

The partner of the visual arts week is DDOR.

Photo: Promo


24. Sep 2022.


7:00 PM


Rumenka Cultural Station