The play Intimacy will be performed on 21 November, from 8.22 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. in the District, in the space of Biro, as part of the ‘Invisible Art: Intoxicating Youth of Modernism’ project.

The project is implemented within the Other? Europe programme arch and will present the revitalisation of the Novi Sad neo-avant-garde through various recognisable artistic expressions and themes.

During 40 years of living in the forest, under the organisational and ideological leadership of Božidar Mandić, the Family of Clear Streams (Serbian Porodica bistrih potoka) created 24 plays – extraordinary, formally and philosophically woven into the vision of the artistic creation of a poor theatre. In this performance, which marks the anniversary of the struggle for survival and confirmation of their artistic practice, these knights in shining armour of the theatre, once again, honestly and deeply reopen and show the problems of modern life and civilisation.

In the labyrinth of alienation and loneliness in which humanity has fallen. We almost stepped into the abomination.

The play tries to make suggestions for the return to humanity by means of allegory and visual images. Intimacy, closeness, compassion.

The performance Intimacy was made without technology, with modest props – it opposes technology and the mainstream. Because the basis of all art, in the opinion of the Family, is the penetration of philosophy and beauty through the man himself, the author.

The theatre is a cosmos without a mask.

The play features: Dragana Jovanović, Uroš and Maja Vukša, Zoran Marković, Katarina Jovanović, Mirela Andrić and Božidar Mandić.

The Family of Clear Streams is an ecological and artistic commune at the foot of Mount Rudnik, on the edge of the village of Brezovica. It was founded in 1977, by writer, fine artist and playwright Božidar Mandić. This commune belongs to the pioneering points of return to nature. Its action is alternative, and the home is open and directed towards survival. It is a small dwelling place where the elements of the soul and humanity are nurtured. Emotionality and huggability are developed in the Family of Clear Streams. Its three basic elements are ecology – humanism – culture. Living in untouched nature, whose home is surrounded by three streams, more than twenty thousand people have visited it so far. The basic principle of the Family of Clear Streams is Individual and the Planet.

Božidar Mandić (Novi Sad, 1952) is a writer and founder of the Family of Clear Streams in 1977. He began his artistic activity as one of the protagonists of the Novi Sad conceptual scene. In the mid-70s, he became interested in a different form of creation. Until now, the implementation of increasingly intimate actions and non-exhibition concepts within the KÔD group (Miroslav Mandić, Slobodan Tišma, Marko Radojičić and Slavko Bogdanović) and the Januar-Februar-Mart group contributed to the desire for daily realisation of having similar experiences, the realisation of which was only possible in nature. Similar to what was started at the same time by the Slovenian group OHO (David Nez, Andraš Šalamun, Marko Pogačnik) in the village of Šempas (in the Vipava Valley).

In 1977, he moved from Novi Sad and settled in the village of Brezovica, at the foot of Rudnik, where he founded the first Serbian ecological and artistic commune, the Family of Clear Streams.

He published fifteen books and held twelve independent exhibitions and theatre performances. He is an associate of the Children’s Editorial Office of Radio Belgrade and Radio Television of Serbia and a columnist for the daily newspaper Danas.

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21. Nov 2022.


8:20 PM - 9:30 PM


Булевар деспота Стефана 5, Нови Сад


The Clear Creek Family