Jovan Zivlak: The Lighting is Weak

The promotion of the translation of Jovan Zivlak’s poetry selection ‘The Lighting is Weak’ will take place on 21 September at the Egység Cultural Station as part of the Kaleidoscope of Culture literature week.

A selection of Jovan Zivlak‘s poetry translated into English, with the aim of promoting local poetry in the English-speaking world and in other countries where the original language is not spoken. Zivlak’s poetry has previously been translated into 30 languages, and this translation of the best verses into the most widely spoken language would make them even more accessible to readers around the world.

The event is accessible to people with physical disabilities.



21. Sep 2022.


7:30 PM


Egység Cultural Station
Antona Čehova 4, Novi Sad