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Literary Trail

Within the Future of Europe programme arch, on the day of the Fruška Gora Trail on 8 May 2022, the Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Center and the ‘Železničar’ Ski Mountaineering Club will open a Literary Trail.

Fruška Gora is a favourite destination for outings near Novi Sad. Home of the first national park in Serbia, it attracts visitors from all over the region . All around the year, many people hike the trails of this magical mountain that inspires scores of well-known poets and plays a significant role in cultural history.

So as to improve the visitors’ walks, we are inviting the youngest citizens of Novi Sad to participate in creating a unique ‘Literary Trail’ along which their peers, and all the visitors, will enjoy the beauty of nature and the poetics of beautiful words. Novi Sad Children’s Cultural Centre in partnership with the ‘Železničar’ Ski Mountaineering Club, invite children from elementary schools across Novi Sad and Vojvodina to choose their favourite quotes from literary works, with the assistance of well-known children’s authors, that will be displayed on educational information boards along the shortest trail during the opening of the Fruška Gora Marathon. These panels will feature interesting quotes from well-known literary works and QR codes with the data on the writers and literary works.

Children’s authors (Nikoleta Novak, Vesna Aleksić, Zorana Popović, Aleksandar Čotrić, Bojan Ljubenović and Gordana Vlajić) will also take part in the opening of the trail, with each author hosting one part of the trail. At the finish, an artistic programme organized for children will feature musicians, children’s choirs, children singers, actors, hosts, a theatre play for children, an environmental-educational workshop and a program with animators for children.


10.40 a.m. The departure of the bus to Popovica (bus number 74) from the Novi Sad Main Bus Station

Ca. 11.15 a.m. Gathering in Popovica near the bus turnaround

11.30 a.m. Opening of the ‘Literary Trail’: choir and students of ‘Do Re Mi’ Association, as well as writers Nikoleta Novak, Vesna Aleksić, Zorana Popović, Gordana Vlajić, Tatjana Pupovac, Aleksandar Čotrić, Bojan Ljubenović and representatives of Pčelica Publishing House from Čačak are participating. Biljana Mrmoš, an actress, is the programme moderator

12 – 1 p.m. Walk along the ‘Literary Path’ including socialising and talking with the writers

1 p.m. Music break with Do Re Mi

1.15 p.m. Circus performance ‘In Balance with the Nature’ by students of Circoneo circus school and the ‘Kreativni Pogon’ Association

1.40 p.m. Entertainment, competition, and juggling in nature

1.40 p.m. Flags of the ‘Literary Trail’: artistic and creative workshops for children (author: Ljubica Tankosić, art pedagogue)

2.35 p.m. The end of the programme – departure by bus from Popovica to Novi Sad

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08. May 2022.


11:30 AM - 2:35 PM


Fruška Gora


Children's Cultural Center of Novi Sad.

Other Organizers

The Železničar Mountaineering Society