Museum Escape: Mythological Adventure

Every Monday, from 4 April to 15 May, the Museum of Vojvodina will host Museum Escape: Mythological Adventure, the educational game for the youngest, as part of the Future of Europe programme arch dedicated to children. Suitable for ages 9 – 15, it was conceived to turn the museum into a place for play and thus to fulfil some of its chief functions – education and knowledge spreading.

The game is based on the stories and objects from the past, shown on the permanent exhibition and was made up by experts from various branches of ethnology, pedagogy, conservation and IT industry. It answers the questions of the importance of preserving the tangible and intangible culture of all the peoples that left marks on the territory of today’s Vojvodina and Novi Sad.

Each game lasts one hour and involves 2 – 6 players. The trained curators from the Museum of Vojvodina will instruct the players, help them and stay responsible for the security of the permanent display and the exhibits.

Admission is free.



04. Apr 2022. - 15. May 2022.


5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Museum of Vojvodina
Dunavska 35, Нови Сад


The Museum of Vojvodina