Novi Sad – The Capital of Poetry

The promotion of the Anthology ‘Novi Sad – The Capital of Poetry’, edited by Zoran Đerić, will be held on 19 September at the Digital Youth Centre, as part of the Literature Week in the Kaleidoscope of Culture programme arch.

The participants are the poets from the Association of Novi Sad Writers: Selimir Radulović, Ivan Negrišorac, Nenad Šaponja, Miroslav Aleksić, Perica Milutin, Radovan Vlahović, and Gordana Đilas.

Moderator: Nataša Bundalo Mikić

Zoran Đerić (1960) – a poet, critic, theatre critic, filmologist, university professor, director of the Serbian National Theatre, and a permanent associate member of the Matica Srpska. He is a member of the Matica Srpska Department for Performing Arts and Music, a member of ‘Zbornik Matice Srpske’ editorial board in charge of performing arts and music, as well as a member of the board of Slavic studies, a member of the Council of the Subotica International Festival of Children’s Theatres, where he is also a selector and director. He is a member of the Council of the Trebinje Festival, a member of the editorial board and editorial staff of the publications ‘Zlatna greda’, ‘Niti’, ‘Agon’, ‘Enciklopedija Republike Srpske’, and ‘Letopis Matice srpske’, while in the past he edited the publications ‘Scena’ and ‘Polja’. He writes poetry, prose, essays, and scientific studies in the fields of literature, theatre, and film. He translates from several Slavic languages. He was the assistant director of the Sterijino Pozorje. He was the three-term director of the Novi Sad Youth Theatre. He worked at the Novi Sad Cultural Centre as an editor of literary programmes, and then as an editor of publishing activities. He was a lecturer for the Serbian language at the University of Lodz, Poland, as well as a visiting professor at universities in Prague, Gdańsk, Krakow, Banja Luka, and Novi Sad. He taught at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka in all capacities. He is now a visiting professor. He published 75 books (as an author, translator, or editor). He is the winner of several awards for literature and translation: the Branko’s Award of Matica Srpska (1981), the First Prize of the Yugoslav Youth Poetry Festival in Vrbas (1982), the Seal of Sremski Karlovci (1983), Mlada Struga (1983), the ‘Pavle Marković Adamov’ Award (1996 ), the Association of Novi Sad Writers Award for Translation of the Year (2006), the Association of Novi Sad Writers Award for Book of the Year (2015), ‘Đura Jakšić’ Award (2015), ‘Sima Cucić’ Award (2015), ‘Teodor Pavlović’ Award for Book of the Year (2020), and Vuk’s Award (2021). By decree of the President of the Republic of Serbia on 12 February 2020, he was awarded the Gold Medal for Merit – for exceptional merit in cultural activities.



19. Sep 2022.


12:00 PM