Othello (Premiere)

The ballet performance in two acts, Othello, will be performed on the big stage of the Serbian National Theatre on 18 May at 7 p.m. The ballet is based on the work of the same name by Shakespeare, and the music consists of segments from the works of Vivaldi and Beethoven.

Choreography, libretto and music selection are signed by Krunislav Simić. The author’s team includes choreographer Gordana Simić, set designer Nikola Senković, costume designer Mirjana Stojanović Maurič. The choreographer’s assistant is Oksana Storožuk, while the repetiteurs are Milan Lazić, Jelena Vukadinović and Boris Ladičorbić.

The tragic love of the dark-skinned general Othello and Desdemona, the complexity of interpersonal relationships and Iago’s manipulativeness emphasize Shakespeare’s themes of jealousy, deception, naiveness, impulsiveness, war and murder. The SNP Ballet will stage Othello for the first time, given that the libretto and the choice of music are different, innovative compared to Othello, which was last performed at the SNP in 1973, to the music of Boris Blacher, based on the libretto by Erich Hank and choreographed and directed by Henrik Neubauer, PhD.

The event is finished.


18. May 2024.


7:00 PM


Serbian National Theatre
Pozorišni trg, Нови Сад