Šajzerbiterlemon / Flags of the Future

The band Šajzerbiterlemon will perform on Stage 3 in the Creative District on 30 April as part of the Flag of the Future programme unit.

Šajzerbiterlemon is a garage punk trio based in Belgrade, founded in 2014. They independently released their debut EP in 2017. In May of 2019, the band released their debut album ‘Iza naših zidova’ for the Zagreb independent publisher Geenger Records. They describe their sound and performance as ‘angry, clear, and impulsive’. They performed intensively in the region at important festivals such as EXIT and MENT Ljubljana, opened for names such as Repetitor and Straight Mickey and the Boiz, and participated in the ‘Hali Gali’ compilation, an album that brought together the most promising new names on the Belgrade rock scene. They have also established themselves with a multitude of attractive and unique videos, some of which have been shown at music video festivals around the world. As a band that some regional journalists consider one of the beacons of the new Serbian alternative scene, Šajzerbiterlemon is a must-see for every garage sound lover.

The new album of the popular ‘Šajzeri’ which will bring many new sensibilities to their sound will be released in the spring of 2022.

‘Flags of the Future’ programme is supported by IDEA, DDOR, and A1 Srbija.

Photo: Ana Žeželj



30. Apr 2022. - 01. May 2022.


11:55 PM - 1:00 AM


Stage 3, District
Bulevar despota Stefana 5, Novi Sad


Foundation ‘Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture’