Sekvence Grada

Novi Sad, as the European Capital of Culture, received its first open-air gallery on the Suba’s Plateau, which after the title year remained one of the most significant spatial legacies of contemporary creativity. On the occasion of the City Day, 1 February, the new exhibition called ‘Sekvence Grada’ will be set.

This is the fifth exhibition at the open-air gallery, and the title year itself was marked by four exhibitions, which brought together local, regional and European artists through the most current topics such as migration, the future of young people, peace promotion and images of the modern world.

The continuity of the presentation of contemporary visual creativity, at the art space with 49 masts, which was implemented by the ‘Bel Art’ gallery, continues with a new exhibition that will bring together national artists known for urban topics and motifs.

Similar to the idea of art platform placed at the entrance to Liman Park, to bring visual art from the usual gallery spaces and studios closer to the everyday life of a city community, the idea of ​​the ‘Sekvence Grada’ exhibition is to create a combination of art and reality, i.e. unhindered communication with passers-by – observers and expand the impact of art in society.

The artists whose works will be presented at the ‘Sekvence Grada’ exhibition are: Danijel Babić (Novi Sad), Goran Despotovski (Novi Sad), Mileta Poštić (Novi Sad), Stefan Lukić (Užice), Nemanja Lađić (Belgrade), Ivan Šuletić (Belgrade), as well as the art group ‘Distruktura’ represented by artists Milan Bosnić and Milica Milićević (Beška/Belgrade).

The open-air gallery was implemented as part of the 40,000 square metre infrastructure projects of the European Capital of Culture, which included the renovation, reconstruction and construction of new spaces for culture, which continue their artistic life even after the title year.

The project is part of the application book from 2016, with which Novi Sad applied for the European Capital of Culture, and it is implemented by the ‘BelArt’ gallery, which created the artistic concept of the space based on the architectural and urban planning idea of ​​Liman Park, originated by the architect Sava Forkapić in 2005.

The event is finished.



01. Feb 2023.


All Day


Suba’s Plateau
Limanski park, Булевар деспота Стефана, Нови Сад


Bel Art Gallery