The Carnival of Ritual Processions – Concert

Within the Carnival of Ritual Processions, the Hall 1 of the Novi Sad Fair will host a concert of local and international guest troupes, within the project Migration of souls, where each performance will be accompanied by a short narrative with explanations of the performance of each group individually, on 11 March at 6 p.m..

The performance at the concert of traditional dance will be done by the folklore troupes from the region, while the contemporary dance will be presented by the dance group ‘Inspire’. The music for the contemporary dance was composed by Darja Janošević. 

As part of the Carnival, a panel discussion will be held on 4 March and a children’s masquerade ball on 10 March in the Great Hall of the Novi Sad Fair, and the entire project is part of the Migrations programme arch.

In the multi-ethnic region of Vojvodina, various ethnic groups added their own mark to these processions. The local German population had a significant influence on the culture of masquerades, the performance of plays and forms of behaviour, as did other ethnicities that settled in areas where they came into close contact with traditional German culture. ‘The Carnival of Ritual Processions’ evokes age-old traditions from the local area, representing a meeting point of the region’s different cultures with partners from Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The event provides seating arrangements only. Tickets are on sale in the entire Gigstix sales network and on their website, as well as at the Novi Sad Fair ticket office, where tickets for all events will be sold between 4 and 6 p.m.

Partner of the Migration of Souls programme is the Novi Sad Fair, and the companies Globos osiguranje and Dijamant DOO also provided support.

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11. Mar 2022.


6:00 PM


Hall 1 of the Novi Sad Fair
Hajduk Veljkova 11, Нови Сад


Foundation ‘Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture’

Other Organizers

КUD 'Vuk Karadžić' Temerin