The End of the War – Reconciliation / In Search of Europe

The panel discussion ’The End of the War – Reconciliation’, as part of the project ’In Search of Europe’, will be held on 7 July at the Svilara Cultural Station.

’In Search of Europe’ is a multi-layered multimedia concept that combines several types of expression and different ways of interacting with the audience, including an exhibition, debates with international guests, and online production.

This is a story about the creation of post-war Europe and the Europe we have yet to create. Several historical figures will serve as symbolic guides through the historical and social processes of post-Holocaust Europe. We will get acquainted with the dilemmas faced by post-war Europe and the social changes that enabled the creation of Europe as we know it today. The citizens of Novi Sad, as well as the citizens of other cities in Serbia and Europe, will lead a direct dialogue on the future of Europe and the challenges we face today in order to achieve the Europe we want together.

The first part of the programme starts with the exhibition ‘In Search of Europe’, which includes ten panels along the Novi Sad Quay, from the Štrand beach to the Svilara Cultural Station. During the programme, we will discuss the reconciliation of the past and culture of remembrance on European and national levels and a new wave of antisemitism, misinterpretation and politicisation of history.

During the second part of the programme, starting from the ‘Open Process’ exhibition in the Svilara Cultural Station, we will discuss the radicalisation of the right-wing party, violence against minorities, and the culture of remembrance during the Second World War, with the following guests:

Nevena Bajalica – Terraforming co-founder from Novi Sad, the member of the delegation of the Republic of Serbia in the IHRA

Vlatko Ilić, PhD – Associate Professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, theatre director and author

Maximilian Max Czollek, Berlin – poet, writer, co-founder of the Coalition for a Pluralistic Public Discourse

Curator and moderator: Benjamin Fischer, Berlin – programme manager at Alfred Landecker Foundation, activist, former President of the European Union of Jewish Students

The event is accessible to persons with physical disabilities.

Photo: Miško Stanišić

The event is finished.



07. Jul 2022.


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Svilara Cultural Station
Đorđa Rajkovića 6b, Novi Sad