The ‘Leave or stay?’ / Exhibition

The ‘Leave or stay?’ exhibition will present the collection of 49 artistic flags on masts on the Suba’s Music Plateau in Limanski park within the Future of Europe programme arch, from 28 April until 16 June.

The exhibition addresses the theme highly relevant among young people in the first two decades of the 21st century and the issues with a long history in the Balkans. Changing the place of residence is a universal phenomenon of the modern way of life not only in Serbia but also in many other European countries.

For that reason, the existentially significant question ‘Leave or stay’ is a challenging topic for young artists who have the same dilemma. The exhibition will comprise the students coming from seven academies of art in the region, Novi Sad, Timisoara, Osijek, Pecs, Cetinje, Belgrade and Banja Luka, who will creatively respond to the given topic under the mentorship of their professors.

CURATOR: Sava Stepanov

Exhibition participants:

Academy of Arts, University of Banja Luka
PROFESSOR: Mladen Miljanovic
STUDENTS: Anastasia Kladar, Isidora Brankovic, Mariana Djakovic, Natasa Ubovic, Nika Romanic, Tamara Funstein

Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade (FPU)
PROFESSOR: Nikola Kolja Božović
STUDENTS: Tara Ilic, Dunja Isic, Ana Markovic, Bogdana Peric, Una Cagic, Jovana Stancic

Academy of Arts in Novi Sad
PROFESSOR: Dragan Matić
STUDENTS: Miloš Bibić, Nemanja Mrkšić, Anja Preradović, Teodora Milić, Jana Panajotović, Réka Törteli

Faculty of Fine Arts, Cetinje
PROFESSOR: Nenad Šoškić
STUDENTS: Nikola Balevic, Milutin Kasom, Mato Uljarevic, Nikola Radonjic, Sara Petrovic, Ksenija Borozan

Academy of Arts and Culture, Osijek
PROFESSOR: Vladimir Frelih
STUDENTS: Mia Nikolaševoć, Mia Horvat, Stjepan Matić, Srđana Maksimović, Josipa Henizelman, Fiip Ljulj

Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, Pécs
PROFESSOR: Peter Somody
STUDENTS: Dániel Ollé, Margit Szabó, János Mihály Boros, Orsolya Lia Vető, Patrick Tayler, Juhász Villő

Faculty of Arts and Design, Timişoara
PROFESSOR: Liliana Mercioiu-Popa
STUDENTS: Anghel Raluca, Ciobanu Ciprian-Andrei, Cartuș Alexandru, Doțiu Cătălina, Micula Raluca, Silaghi Natalia

Details on other programs, jazz concerts, exhibitions, workshops and performances, which will be held on April 28 in the Creative District, as part of the three-day ‘Flags of the Future’ programme, can be found at this link.

The ‘Flags of the Future’ programme is sponsored by: IDEA, DDOR, and A1 Srbija.

The event is accessible to people with disabilities.

Photo: Promo



28. Apr 2022.


7:00 PM - 7:30 PM


Suba’s Plateau
Limanski park, Булевар деспота Стефана, Нови Сад


Bel Art Gallery

Other Organizers

City administration for Construction Land and Investments

City administration for Construction Land and Investments

University of Novi Sad - Academy of Arts