The Mouse Fever

The play Mouse Fever, directed by Đorđe Nešović, will be performed on February 21 at the Serbian National Theater, starting at 9 p.m.

This piece was written in the period 1992-1993. and characterized by the author himself as a “stage joke on six strings”, raises before us the question of the great Balkan theme, which is the question of peace and unrest, which creates the backbone of the plot and opens up fields for interpretation.

In seductive language, he deals with people we all know, people we see on television, who are specific and who often lead to exaggerated, grotesque, but who are serious heroes with serious problems, complex and layered characters, full of life.

The author’s team for the play consists of: playwright Isidora Milosavljević, set designer Nađa Vukorep and costume designer Lara Bunčić. Aleksandra Rizanović is responsible for stage movement, and Filip Gotovac is responsible for sound design.

The play features: Sanja Ristić Krajnov, Mia Simonović, Marko Savić, Dimitrije Aranđelović, Vukašin Ranđelović and Aleksandar Sarapa.

The event is finished.


21. Feb 2024.


9:00 PM


Serbian National Theatre
Pozorišni trg, Нови Сад