The New Face of Percussion

The New Face of Percussion concert will take place Music Stage 2 in District on 2 September, within the opening of the Kaleidoscope of Culture.
Concerts of contemporary percussion art music in our region are rare and attract great attention and thrill audience. Visual and sound effects that this group of instruments creates is completely different from any other instrument group.
Melodic and rhythmic instruments of the percussion family will be presented within the concert, with an emphasis on Marimba and written material composed by composers from all over the world (Greece, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Serbia, etc.). The primary goal of the project is, above all, to popularise percussion instruments in the form of solo performances and to promote the works written for these instruments.

Within the project, performers will use marimba, vibraphone, and percussion sets (snare drums, bongos, big drums, etc.).


‘Asventuras’ – Alexej Gerassimez (snare drums)
‘Fear’ – Nebojša Jovan Živković (percussion set)
‘Ribonds B’ – Iannis Xenakis (percussion set)
‘Suomineito’ – Nebojša Jovan Živković (vibraphone)
‘Niflheim’ – Csaba Zoltan Marjan (marimba)
‘Purity’ – Tomasz Golinski (marimba)
‘Ultimatum’ – Nebojša Jovan Živković (marimba)

Check out the full music programme at the opening of the Kaleidoscope of Culture at this link.

The project is part of the ‘Artists. Now!’ national call for artists, launched by the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation within the Kaleidoscope of Culture.

From the very beginning, the implementation of the ‘Artists. Now!’ call has been supported by IDEA, which is part of the Mercator-S company.

Photo: Promo



02. Sep 2022.


8:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Булевар деспота Стефана 5, Нови Сад


Darko Karlečik