mjuzikl teorija relativiteta

Theory of Relativity / Vila

The dance performance ‘Theory of Relativity’ performed by the Viva Dance Academy dance group will be played in Vrdnik on 4 June at 4.30 p.m. as part of the ‘Vila’ festival.
The play is a continuation of last year’s musical ‘I Am Mileva Marić Einsten’, which was extremely well evaluated by theatre critics. Currently in Novi Sad, in the year of the title of European Capital of Culture, the Heroines programme is underway, and this musical fits perfectly into the presentation of a Novi Sad heroine. We remind the audience that today the conditions for expression, creation and innovation are much better than at the beginning of the 19th century, but there are still traces of such a long-lasting unequal attitude towards women that Mileva experienced. The performance deals with the consequence that such a relationship causes regardless of time and space.
The musical ‘Theory of Relativity’ is a real treat, because with beautiful costumes and attractive choreography we will have a chance to see more than 40 young dancers from Viva Dance Academy, as well as their special guest dancers from Novi Sad. We are especially pleased to announce the actress Maja Brukner, who will complete the musical with her incredible singing and acting.
This is the second full performance of the musical ‘Theory of Relativity’, adapted to all ages, and in addition to the significant artistic value it provides, it deals with popularizing gender equality, but also the culture of living through the prism of a great historical figure such as Mileva Marić Einstein.
The main role of Mileva Marić Einstein was entrusted to ballerina Anđela Joković and ballerina Jovana Sijerković, who are considered one of the most trophy-winning and most successful young dancers in Serbia.
The roles of the younger Mileva Marić will be played by Nikolina Janković, Sara Miljević, Simona Bajić and Mia Živković.
The role of Albert Einstein was entrusted to Luka Stanković, while ballerina Srna Matković will play Albert Einstein in his early youth. We are especially announcing Milorad Miljaković and Maja Brukner for one of the most important roles in the musical, the characters of father and mother of Mileva Marić.
The script, dramaturgy and directing were entrusted to young, and already successful directors Ivan Vanja Alač from Belgrade and Vladislav Velkovski from Požarevac.
The choreography in the musical ‘Theory of Relativity’ is signed by Gordana Oreščanin, who has been the vice president of the World Dance Organization since 2012 and is the winner of all the highest international awards in contemporary dance, both as a sport and as an art.
Collaborators in the choreography are Aleksandar Boškov and Staša Kukić. Tihomir Stojšin, a student at the Academy of Arts, is in charge of light design.
Costume designer Natasa Vranešević impressed with her costumes again.
The ‘Vila’ festival will be held in the magical ambience of the national park Fruška Gora, in Vrdnik (Fruške Terme Resort), from 3 to 5 June. Some of the most important European heroines of art will gather at the first festival called ‘Vila’, as part of the Heroines programme arch.
The entrance is free of charge.

Erste Bank is the partner of the Heroines programme arch.

Photo: Александар Живаљевић



04. Jun 2022.


4:30 PM - 5:20 PM


Fruške terme
Hotel Fruske Terme, Врдник


Viva Dance Academy, Novi Sad
021 3008895