vremenska kapsula

Time Capsule

The interactive play and performance ‘Time Capsule’ will be held in the Liman CS on 1 September at 8 p.m. and on 2 September at 9.15 p.m. as part of the ‘Opening week’ of the Kaleidoscope of Culture program arc.

Through using art as a means of expression, through workshops of singing, movement, dancing and acting, the performance has emerged as a result of several months lasting research with participants on the project, on the theme ‘Time Capsules’, where some noteworthy moment, event or a problem from a participant’s life connected with the space and location of ‘The Greater Liman’ transformed into live-action on the scene of the performance.

Taking into consideration that the centre of culture in Novi Sad has increasingly been spreading across the area of today’s ‘Creative district’, the central performance is placed on the location of the former ‘Great Liman’ as a ‘meeting place of industrial heritage and contemporary creativity.

The goal of the performance and the workshops is not to win but to try, make conscious-friendly and learn.
The spectator, the performer, the actors and the audience, all of them, by acting their ‘lives’ practice the actions for real life and through the theatre they realize the possible outcomes of those actions, at the same time revealing possible tactics and strategies.

Partners of the Kaleidoscope of Culture 2022 are Erste Bank, IDEA, DDOR, A1 Srbija, and Heineken Srbija.

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01. Sep 2022.


8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Булевар деспота Стефана 5, Нови Сад

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