Why? / EYE.net 2.0

The play ‘Why?’ will be performed as part of the theatre festival that was created as a result of the EYE.net 2.0 project (European Youth Engagement Network 2.0), in the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad on 7 April at 6 p.m. The play, which will be presented in the form of a video with subtitles, will be played by project participants from Germany. The festival is part of the Schools of the Future programme unit, which focuses on the youth and their involvement in artistic, educational and social activities.

About the play:

One year ago, nine people were murdered in Hanau by a right-wing extremist perpetrator
with racist motives. Nine people died in Hanau on the night of 19 February 2020: Ferhat
Unvar, Gökhan Gültekin, Hamza Kurtović, Said Nesar Hashemi, Mercedes Kierpacz, Sedat Gürbüz, Kaloyan Velkov, Vili Viorel Păun and Fatih Saraçoălu. The far-right perpetrator shot them in front of bars, in a parking lot and in a kiosk. He later killed his mother and then himself.
The young artists reflect the assassination by adopting different positions of friends, witnesses, victims, family members, and people who came into contact with the perpetrator.
Now, one year after the attack in Hanau, many questions still remain unanswered: How could the assassination have happened and could the perpetrator have been stopped? The biggest question mark relates to the fact why Germany, which on the one hand is so committed to Anti-fascism, is again shaken by an act motivated by right-wing extremism.

Artistic mentorship: Monika Dobrowlanska, Ilona Raytman, Ramona Scharff, Florian Steindle, Nina Rühmeier, Sachiko Kunieda

Young co-creators and performers: Abdal Al Dana / Cobler Marie / Irrgang Luisa-Victoria / Schneider Sophia Antonia / Stillger Victoria / Böhm-Wirt Anna Lina Mara / Dahlitz Theo Malte / Dedura-Palomero Mariano / Dittrich Malina / Fernandez Durand Aluha / Meusel Lea / Ohliger Paul Leonhard / Rahn Devi Maya / Weißgerber Merle Elisa / Berhane Amon / Fuchs Simon / Grossterlinden Emma Marie / Kopmann Jan-Phillipp / Msemo Adam / Röder Paul Vincent / Rudolph Tillmann / Tav Sercan Emir / Woodgett Fabio Nicolas

With the support of Aktion Mensch and Wilma-Rudolph-Oberschule, Berlin

About the festival:

The theatre festival, created within the EYE.net 2.0 project, will be held from 5 to 8 April in Novi Sad high schools and Zone 021. By turning schools into art scenes and cultural institutions into centres of education, the ‘EYE.net’ project engages young people who, through working with excellent artists as mentors, create their own content, i.e., theatre performances. Their topics are current and acceptable to a wider audience. Some of the frameworks for young people to create include Euroscepticism, solidarity, fake news, ecology, anti-fascism, economy, and others.
Participants from each country chose one topic to tackle, from 5 to 8 April, fans of the engaged theatre will have the pleasure to see the Czech play ‘Marshal Konev’s Last Battle’, the French play ‘Turn Before the Ruins’, a play by a group of young people from Greece ‘Unwritten Land’, ‘Do You Like Tomato Sauce?’ from Italy, ‘The Noise of the Silence’ from Lithuania, ‘Some Like it Fake’ from Slovenia, as well as ‘Testament’ from Serbia. After or during each of the performances there will be an interactive debate with the young audience.

Admission to all festival performances is free.

Photo: Promo



07. Apr 2022.


6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


Cultural Center of Novi Sad
Katolička porta 5, Novi Sad


Foundation ‘Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture’

Other Organizers

Mladinski kulturni centar „Maribor"
ECoC Kaunas 2022 (Lithuania)