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Europe XXL

The ‘Europe XXL’ project, held within the Flags of the Future programme arch in the cultural stations, from 8 to 15 May, will encompass five children operas performed by the ‘Visoko C’ Association of artists.

Fairy tales are what we read, and now it is time to take the opportunity and experience them in another way.

The ‘Visoko C’ Association of artists will try to bring together at different locations as many young people whose creativity will meet both on the stage and in the street as possible.

The ‘Europe XXL’ project promotes the merging of different cultures by performing five different operas for children, written in different places and different cultural and social circumstances:

Opera ‘Magic Flute’ / 8 May / Svilara Cultural Station / 5 p.m.

Opera ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper / 9 May / Bukovac Cultural Station / 7 p.m.

Opera ‘Cinderella’ / 10 May / Egység Cultural Station / 7 p.m.

Opera ‘The Goat’s Ears of Emperor Trojan’ / 13 May / Barka Cultural Station / 10 a.m.

Opera ‘Puss in Boots‘ / 15 May / Rumenka Cultural Station / 5 p.m.



08. - 15. May 2022.


Cultural Stations


‘Visoko C’ Association of Artists
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