Feministička avangarda - crno bela fotografija žene iz 50-ih godina naslonjene na prozor

Feminist Avant-Garde

The international exhibition ‘Feminist Avant-Garde‘ will be held on 19 May in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, within the Heroines programme arch.

Summing up the brave steps forward of avant-garde art of the 1970s exerting influence on the radical changes in the way women were represented in art, the joint exhibition ‘Feminist Avant-Garde’, the international group exhibition Sammlung Verbund from Vienna and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, with the help of the Austrian Cultural Forum will present the works made by seventy-eight female artists from all over the world, with a chief focus on the local scene that spawned actresses with a far-reaching influence and

The exhibition presumably presents the analysis of the personal identity in women in contemporary art practice and society and explores the processes of performativity, dematerialisation and transgression, and the idea of breaking through formal, media and spatial frameworks.

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Erste Bank is the partner of the Heroines programme arch.

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19. May 2022.


The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina
Dunavska 37, Novi Sad


The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina

Other Organizers

Sammlung Verbund Collection (Vienna, Austria)
Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrad