Ila Kofler, žena koja vaja vistu, u pozadini se vide razna vajarska dela, ženske figure

From a Female Perspective

The exhibition ‘From a Female Perspective’ will be realized within the Heroine programme arch from 21 May until 19 June in the ‘Karlovci Art Workshop’ Cultural Center. Its goal is to present twelve remarkable women who stepped out of social stereotypes with their works and left a significant trace in Serbian culture.

The idea goes that the entire space functions as a unique scenographic story about the characters with an accompanying catalogue in Serbian and English.

The exhibition will be multimedia content-based, with reproductions of artworks, photographs, applied art, documents and digital displays.

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21. May 2022.


7:00 PM


'Karlovci Art Workshop' Cultural Center


'Karlovci Art Workshop' Cultural Center

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Česká beseda Nový Sad
Česká beseda Nový Sad