Sveti Nikola izložba Umetnost u migracijama

Migrations in Art, Art of Migration

The exhibition ‘Migrations in Art, Art of Migration’ is coming to an end. Use the last days of the exhibition to visit, but also the last two Saturdays (23 and 30 April) for a guided tour with authors!
The team of authors, including conservator Luka Kulić, curator Jelena Ognjanović, MSc, and curator, programme director and senior conservator Danilo Vuksanović, MA, will give guided tours through the exhibition twice, at 1 and 5 p.m.

The Gallery of Matica Srpska is setting up an exhibition by Serbian and European artists on 18 February at 7 p.m., bringing to the forefront art aimed at questioning the historical and contemporary meaning of migration. The paintings will travel to the European Capital of Culture from major national and European art galleries and museums not only for enjoyment, as well as for debate and exchange of views on the burning issues of the present.

The expert team of one of the leading national cultural institutions, the Gallery of Matica Srpska, recognized the need to look at the phenomenon of migration, both from the position of contemporary art and from the point of view of the art of the past, both locally and globally. Putting art of different epochs and from different spaces in one context, the exhibition ‘Migrations in Art, Art of Migration’ will be an incentive for the local community and for all visitors of Novi Sad in the European Capital of Culture year to reconsider their views on migration through the language of art.

The main idea of ​​the gallery as a ‘critical museum’ is to, in the current world migration crisis, try to observe, examine and understand the phenomenon of migration that affects the population and raises many ethical and cultural issues. The event brings to the centre of attention what is today called migratory aesthetics and encompasses three wholes, focused on different aspects of migration. The exhibition will first deal with the reflection of Balkan migrations and its effects on Serbia in the national art. Historical, sociological and political aspects of the Great Migration of Serbs from the 17th century will be viewed from a modern perspective and placed in the context of global trends, opening up new narratives that have not been adequately or not dealt with in the past. Of course, the local context cannot be understood without taking into account the wider migrations in the history of European and world art. This segment will map important artists and artistic phenomena in European art that are the result of constant historical migrations of individuals, as a reminder of the phenomenon that significantly influenced and shaped Europe and European culture, as we know today.

Lately, this social phenomenon has grown and strengthened an exceptional platform for new artistic phenomena and procedures. The works of contemporary art that will be exhibited have many attempts to critically mark, interpret and in the right way address the complex problem of the social phenomenon of the current migrant crisis. Different types of accompanying programme – lectures, talks with artists, debates, workshops and conferences are intended for audiences of various interests.

Tickets are not charged for the opening of the exhibition. 

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18. Feb 2022.


7:00 PM


The Gallery of Matica Srpska
Trg galerija 1, Novi Sad


The Gallery of Matica Srpska