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Summer in the Gallery Square – Forum / Heroines of the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection

As part of the event ‘Summer in the Gallery Square’, Suzana Vuksanović, PhD, will have a conversation with artists: Zorica Čolić, MA, Jelena Kovačević Vorgučin, MA, Monica Sigeti, MA, Dragana B. Stevanović, PhD, and Jelena Janev, PhD. The conversation will be held on 14 July at 7 p.m., during the exhibition ‘Heroines of the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection’.

The multimedia exhibition ‘Heroines of the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection’ will be set up during the Heroines programme arch in the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection from 20 May to 15 July.

The editor of the video work dedicated to the parallel presentation of works by contemporary artists and those from the collection of Pavle Beljanski – Suzana Vuksanović, PhD, museum advisor at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, will talk to artists whose works were selected for video work. During the conversation, a dialogue initiated by video work will be developed, dedicated to common obsessions, topics, problems of artists then and now. Special attention will be paid to the experience of the participants in the programme on the international art scene, as a kind of light motif of Novi Sad cultural events in the European Capital of Culture year and part of one of the most visited city events, ‘Summer in the Gallery Square’.

Opening hours of the Memorial Collection:
Wednesday – Sunday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Thursday: 1 p.m. – 9 p.m.

The entrance is free of charge.

Erste Bank is the partner of the Heroines programme arch.

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14. Jul 2022.


7:00 PM


Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection
Trg Galerija 2, Нови Сад


Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection

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’(Re)connection’ Alliance of Feminist Organizations
’(Re)connection’ Alliance of Feminist Organizations
’(Re)connection’ Alliance of Feminist Organizations