The Hidden Life of Trees / Green Cinema

The screening of the ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ film, as part of the  ‘Green Cinema’ project, will take place in Sremski Karlovci on 23 July, on Štrand on 29 July, in Irig on 6 August, in Kać on 13 August as well as in Futog on 20 August.

Screening schedule:

July 23 / Sremski Karlovci
July 29 / Novi Sad – Strand
August 6 / Irig
August 13 / Kać
August 20 / Futog

All screenings start at 9 p.m., and admission is free.

Today, the whole planet talks about the environment and ecology, but often forgets to listen to nature itself first. Peter Vohlleben, author of the bestseller ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’, travels from one continent to another to discover and describe the secret world of forests. The model that regulates the life of trees and plants, illuminated by the iron rule of solidarity and cohesion, is the key to consciousness that cannot be postponed any longer. Wohlleben travelled to Sweden to see the world’s oldest trees, visited factories in Vancouver exploring new approaches to environmental conservation, and joined demonstrations by environmental activists everywhere. The fate of human and his survival on Earth is closely related to the good health of the great forests, and the time to take care of them is right now.

Due to the importance and relevance of this topic, as well as due to the overarching problem regarding the citizens of Serbia not having a sufficiently developed environmental awareness, the team of the Free Zone Film Festival created the  ‘Green Cinema’ project. The project was created with the intention of combining film and ecology, as one of the ways of fighting for a better understanding and preservation of the natural environment.

The Green Cinema aims to turn the squares of the project cities into vibrant places, celebrating the year in which Novi Sad and Zone 021 represent the epicentre of European cultural life.


23. Jul 2022.


9:00 PM - 10:30 PM


Beach Štrand, Novi Sad
beach Štrand, Novi Sad


Free Zone Film Festival
011 3035277