The Music of Iran, Principles and Improvisation

The lecture called ‘The Music of Iran, Principles and Improvisation’ by the Iranian musician Kayhan Kahlor will be held at the Svilara Cultural Station on Sunday, 13 November, at 4 p.m.

Kayhan Kahlor (IRN) is a master interpreter of music based on the heritage of Persia. Deeply devoted to the ancient string instrument kamancheh and the musical tradition of this part of the world. Kayhan is at the same time an artist open to collaborations with musicians from other traditions. His extraordinary knowledge of the Persian tradition in practice and theory also implies improvisation, as a way of musical reflection of the heritage. In his lecture at the Pocket Globe festival, Kayhan will pay special attention to the radif term and concept (melodic repertoire) and its fundamental importance in improvisation, with reference to the non-traditional teaching method.

The lecture will be held during the Pocket Globe festival, which takes place as part of the Other? Europe  programme arch.

Photo: Hamidreza Shirmohammadi



13. Nov 2022.


4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Svilara Cultural Station
Đorđa Rajkovića 6b, Novi Sad


Ring Ring Association

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