The Shawl As a Cultural Signifier

An international exhibition examining how scarves were worn on their way from a form of traditional customs to high fashion will take place on 18 May in Museum of Vojvodina.

The ‘ Shawl As a Cultural Signifier’ project, as a cultural signifier through a micro-segment of women’s clothing, as a way of inscribing cultural identity, shows and reflects the cultural diversity in the European, non-European and local contexts.

The purpose of the exhibition is to question stereotypical attributions, separations and fears in mutual life in a global, migration-marked society and to problematize significant social issues, such as identity, borders, migration and retraditionalization. The exhibition setting enables the comparison between different cultures and encourages insights into one’s multicultural tradition by generating prejudice-free opinions, nurturing cultural diversity, mutual acceptance and tolerance.

The exhibition explores and reveals women’s daily life historically, as part of their cultural heritage, and the anthropological, sociological and political aspects that read in the ‘text(ure)’ of the scarf as a cultural code.

The project comprises several different activities with the same thematic focus. The ‘Shawl As a Cultural Signifier’ exhibition, created by six curators, is the chief event.

The exhibition will also encompass the accompanying programs with workshops, screenings of documentaries and experimental films, and the panels addressing the theme of wearing scarves through different points of view: historical, social, political, as a segment of everyday routines.

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Photo: Museum of Vojvodina, design Tijana Popović



18. May 2022.


9:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Lower gallery of the Museum of Vojvodina
Dunavska 37, Нови Сад


’(Re)connection’ Alliance of Feminist Organizations

Other Organizers

Women's Museum in Nurnberg (Germany)
WomeN'S Museum
WomeN'S Museum
WomeN'S Museum
The Museum of Vojvodina
The Museum of Vojvodina
The Museum of Vojvodina