Showcase 2

The ‘Showcase 2’ is a musical programme that will be organised in the District, at the Proizvodnja (ex The Quarter) facility on 2 September at 9 p.m. as part of the opening of the Kaleidoscope of Culture programme arch.

As part of the programme, we can expect performances from Yugo Bleja (warm-up) from 9 to 9.30 p.m., Nataleé from 9.30 to 10.10 p.m., Manivi from 10.20 to 11 p.m., Retrospektiva and A.N.D.R. From 11.10 to 11.50 p.m., and SevdahBABY from midnight to 1 a.m.


The Belgrade band Nataleé was formed in December 2018, and soon after, they had their first public appearance. Although she started her musical career as a singer-songwriter, there was no doubt that Natalija Rajković would gather professional musicians who have been supporting and following her work for years.
In a short time, after the video of the live performance of the song ‘Brat’ was published on the YouTube platform of the ‘Sofar’ organisation, the band gained unexpected acclaim from the audience, which inspired musical collaborators and friends to continue with further work. Today, Natalija Rajković Nataleé is a recognised and awarded musician on the singer-songwriter scene, while her concerts are described as passionate and energetic.

The current album ‘Osvesti se’ was well received by the audience, while after the songs ‘Prvi plan’ and ‘Bebo’, the video for the song ‘Remi’, another audience’s favourite from the album, was released. At the core of this, and all other songs from the current album, are Natalija’s voice and guitar, as well as lyrics that authentically convey the perspective of a young woman who is aware of where she lives and perceives the people that surround her with empathy. Her emotions are almost inseparable from the story, so even when she sings about socially engaged topics and criticises society, she talks about love.
What sets this band apart is the characteristic of the ‘live loop performance’ concept, which implies that the sound changes at each concert, giving the musicians certain freedom and space open for improvisation. The sound that the Nataleé band creates may not be described as a specific musical genre, but one thing is certain – they combine traditional instruments with modern samples and powerful female energy that captures the voice and lyrics of the unique Nataleé.
Apart from Natalija Rajković, who is the lead singer and rhythm guitar, the Nataleé band includes musicians Aleksandar Dervišević Derwah (bass guitar), Branislav Dragović Bein (scratch master and DJ), Dušan Murišić (trumpet), Andrija Petrović (trombone), Aleksa Nenadović (electric guitar), Luna Škopelja (backup singer and keyboard).


Under the ‘Manivi’ pseudonym, hides the creative universe of Ivana Vukmirović, soul and R’n’B singer-songwriter, producer, guitarist, singer and band leader. Ivana is a BA in teaching jazz vocal performance and a professional musician with a decade-long career and currently lives in Belgrade.
Prominent jazz musicians from the local scene (Peđa Milutinović – drums, Dragan Ćalina – keyboard, Dejan Antović – bass) are contributing to Maniva’s sound, bringing the band virtuoso arrangements and harmonic thoughtfulness that naturally merged with Ivana’s lyrics and velvety voice.

The Manivi bend has been nurturing R’n’B and soul expression since 2016, and they have two albums behind them – Manivi (2016, Lampshade Media) and Mirror (2021, Glitch Records). The previous releases and performances of the Manivi band have already attracted many regional fans of soulful melodies, a combination of excellent live music performance and production, and reflective lyrics. Ivana turned her inner world into texts first in English until the release of the song ‘No One Will Know’ with Đorđe Miljenović (aka Sky Wikluh) in 2021, when she reached a turning point and started writing in the Serbian language. In addition to this duet, she had a collaborator in the song ‘Bezobrazno’ and a guest appearance on the track ‘Da zadjemo iz kafane’ by Đorđe Miljenović. Ivana shared the stage and worked with musicians such as Mark Lewis and Sale Sedlar, and collaborated with the names of the new pop wave, the Retrospektiva band and producer A.N.D.R.


A.N.D.R. – producers’ favourite trumpet player and trumpet players’ favourite producer. Andrija Gavrilović, better known as A.N.D.R., is a name on the pop/dance scene that becomes all the more adoring, a Berkeley-educated musician extraordinaire and artist who mastered his craft living and creating in New York.This year he put out the album ‘U KRUG’, a pop/dance release including 10 songs and 10 vocalists of the new wave of the local scene, including Luka Rajić, Retrospektiva, Nataleé, Maat Bandy (Gramophonedzie), Ana Protulipac (Irie FM), Jana Vuković and others. After excellent reviews, tens of thousands of streams and full clubs just a few months after the ‘U KRUG’ album release, he continues to represent the crew that creates and loves good pop music. The live performance concept involves collaboration with the Retrospektiva band and their frontman Kića as the main vocalist, and some of the album singers will also appear on stage.


Retrospektiva, a pop trio active on the local scene since 2019, rooted itself in the sound of the local scene with the album ‘Priče sa hard diska’ and collaborations with the bands Pocket Palma, SevdahBABY, Fantm, Gramophonedzie and A.N.D.R. The combination of pop melodies, modern beats, retro-synth sound, funky bass and excellent vocals will undoubtedly make you have a good time. The Retrospective band includes musicians Aleksandar Stevanović Kića (vocalist and songwriter), Dušan Paunković (bass), Luka Samardžija (guitarist, producer).


Today, as fifteen years ago, behind the SevdahBABY pseudonym stands only one man. His name is Milan Stanković and he is most joyful when he mixes different musical cultures in his tunes. He is not afraid of being accused of heresy from neither audience: for example, from the mainstream and Balkan folk music fans on one side, and representatives of the urban club culture on the other side. He strongly believes that music is universal, and that Balkan Sevdah is equal to American blues, or Brazilian tristessa.
Apart from being a producer, SevdahBABY is also active as a DJ. Since 2007, he has had numerous performances throughout the former Yugoslavia, as well as in neighbouring countries. His DJ sets exude eclecticism, but the variety of styles is always at its deep base supported by moving funky rhythms and powerful electronic synth lines.

Check out the full music programme within the opening of the Kaleidoscope of Culture which will be held in the District from 1 to 4 September.

‘Showcase 1’ is a music programme, which will be held on 1 September in the Districtat the Proizvodnja (ex The Quarter) facility. As part of the programme, we can expect Turbo Trans Turisti at 8 p.m., Band 21. vek at 9 p.m., and Moussaka at 10 p.m.

‘Showcase 3’ is a music programme, which will be held on 3 September in the District, at the Proizvodnja (ex The Quarter) facility. As part of the programme, we can expect performances from Jana Vuković at 9 p.m., Iva Lorens at 10 p.m., Galatheia & Ata at 10 p.m., and Tam at 00.30 a.m..

Partners of the Kaleidoscope of Culture 2022 are Erste Bank, IDEA, DDOR, A1 Srbija, and Heineken Srbija.

Photo: Promo



02. Sep 2022.


9:00 PM


Булевар деспота Стефана 5, Нови Сад


Foundation ‘Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture’