Theatre Programme / Other? Europe

The theatre programme within the Other? Europe  programme arch brings us plays, musicals and performances at various locations in Novi Sad from 7 to 23 November.


7 November / My Voice Travels / Barka Cultural Station

The premier performance of a musical created after a series of workshops where participants created a contemporary musical (production, rapping, writing lyrics, singing, stage movement and dance).


9 November / Spring Rain / Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

The performance of Japanese choreographer Kino McHugh, as part of the Japanese-Serbian Film Festival, is a tribute to the traditional dance style in Japan called Nihon Buyo. The simple choice of music, with only one instrument, creates an aura of the Japanese countryside, and the movements are inspired by the green serenity of the land covered with endless rice fields.

20 November / The Dreambird  / District

The iconic composition ‘The Dreambird’ is a sound installation that has been staged in various forms around the world, and for the first time in Novi Sad in 1987. The first record of this composition was preserved and preleased in Brazil. The new integral record on double vinyl, released in Brazil, will be premiered to the visitors of ‘Suba’.

22 November / Performance ‘Rope’ / District, Skladište

Theatre plays:

13 November / So Close, yet So Far Away – Šangaj Stories  / Šangaj

The ‘Cultural Capital for Everyone’ walk is a community art project, using drama and other types of art, aimed at groups of people who seek cultural education despite the limitations imposed on them by their life circumstances or their abilities. Through the project, drama pedagogues led interactive workshops with applied drama and theatre methodology.

21 November / Intimacy / District, Skladište

For 40 years of living in the forest, under the organizational and ideological leadership of Božidar Mandić, Porodica Bistrih Potoka created 24 plays – extraordinary, formally and philosophically woven into the vision of the artistic creation of a poor theatre.

The play tries to make suggestions for the return of man to humanity by means of allegory and visual images. Intimacy, closeness, compassion. The ‘Intimacy’ play was made without technology, with modest props, it opposes technology and the mainstream.

22 November / Fear of Butterflies / Novi Sad Theatre

This is a play about freedom that can only be achieved through struggle. The struggle with the outside world and the struggle within ourselves, struggle for a better world. This is a play about freedom, which is the only meaning of life and which is achieved through love. Symbolically and actually imprisoned in the four prison walls, two prisoners Nikola and Vjeran try to escape, at least in imagination, from the harsh reality by dreaming out loud, telling stories and retelling movie plots.

23 November / Femkanje (Double-guessing) / Novi Sad Theatre

The hilarious comedy ‘Femkanje’ is based on the plot of the ’Pokondirena Tikva’ drama, and the entire plot is set in the present day, bringing the characters into completely new narratives that the modern era brings with it. Faced with the role of a mother who must remain true to herself, the new Fema is actually the same woman who is desperately trying to shape her successor in the same way, fearing that through her the authentic origins may be exposed forever and that the truth may come to light. The dynamics of the relationship are further complicated when the daughter decides to invite her future boyfriend, actually her son-in-law, to visit the house, who spoils the ideal image of society that Fema strives for.

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07. Nov 2022.